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Investment Management &

Risk Analysis

Excalibur prides itself on delivering unbiased and deeply researched advice. At the start of each new client relationship, a team of seasoned investment management and wealth planning specialists will take all the time necessary to gain a thoughtful understanding of you and your family. The team then works together to provide you with customized, pragmatic solutions throughout life’s milestones with the overarching goal of preserving and growing your irreplaceable assets.

Our investment approach is highly disciplined, and we utilize an in-depth and on-going research process to achieve long-term risk-appropriate returns through due diligence, analysis, and tactical rebalancing. We customize investment strategies for each and every client. Our clients’ goals vary greatly and, as such, so do the characteristics of each portfolio. 


Asset Allocation & Wealth Management 

Investment Management 

Investment Research & Risk Management 

External Manager
Multi-Asset Selection 

Private Equity Investment Analysis 

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