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As a trusted advisor to our clients, we also provide strategic counsel on investment opportunities that goes beyond traditional investment management. Clients have taken advantage of our expertise and experience in navigating the complexities and facilitating the frequently sizeable monetary commitments required to take advantage of alternative investment strategies through Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Real Estate and Energy Partnerships. 

Additionally, we have helped clients assess critical business decisions concerning their Family-Owned or Privately-Owned Companies. These challenges have included succession planning, corporate governance, and strategic planning. Excalibur has also assisted clients with the sale, or other monetizations, of their businesses. When external expertise is required our clients have relied on Excalibur to coordinate and collaborate with outside professionals.


Private Business Advisory


Asset Allocation & Wealth Management 

Investment Management 

Investment Research & Risk Management 

External Manager
Multi-Asset Selection 

Private Equity Investment Analysis 

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